Monday, January 18, 2010

14 baby!

Just in case anyone was high yesterday.
Our girls gave us 14 eggs.

The boys are working on their advertising and marketing plan.
Scout Camp, Summer Trip to UT, Stuff they want...
all very motivating to get to selling.
Feel free to contact them if you want some farm fresh eggs
from happy chickens !
(get it..happy cows...cheese...commerical? I knew ya did)

Free bonus: if you'd like to bring your kids to gather your order of eggs
I know Will and Zac would be willing to take them.
It's a really cool thing.
Our Mr. C begs to go get eggs.
I don't know if it's the eggs or chickens he likes more.


Chrystina said...

Farm fresh eggs... I am so super jealous!! How I wish we still lived in GA!!

FarrEver Family said...

Mom and Dad went to visit some of the kids. Dads 18 chickens for 18 days laying 18 eggs a day. Crazy madness. I am glad my children like eggs!