Monday, October 31, 2011

I want my missing muffin!

I love when I use a coupon on a sale makes my day. What does not make my day is when I discover sneaky manufacturers trying to deceive/trick their customers.  So after getting a great deal, I was excited to try this new muffin mix until I read down to the yield!

11....11...seriously 11 muffins? 
Did they start making muffin pans with 11 cups?
Are we changing the number in a dozen?
Did they really think we wouldn't notice?
I want my missing muffin!
Needless to say we will no longer be buying this matter the sale and/or coupon!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

August brought a birthday and a new driver

Will was very excited to turn 15 but I think his dad was just as excited. It fell to me to take him to the drivers license bureau. I'd forgotten about having to take two test so I wasn't stressed until he'd gone off to take them...I knew he'd been studying the drivers handbook but Will and tests don't go that well together. Needless to say when they told him he'd passed we were both ready to do a happy dance!

All those years of mowing the lawn with the riding lawn mower have paid off....he was a good driver from the get go!

And now nearly two months later I've got to admit I like having a personal driver!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I'm loving Pinterest and my family is benefitting

So far we've had some yummy new dinners.

I've organized all my craft stuff so I can get creative.

I've decorated for fall.

I've saved money by getting ideas for using things I already have.


I made this:

with the twins and Mr C for their they think I rock!
Yes, dolly I made you one too but you have to come home to pick it up ;D
Sorry the picture is so crappy...Gary took the camera to work so all I had was my iPhone.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Whew...that was a much longer break than expected!

Life got crazy here for awhile.

We had so many wonderful experiences the end of April/first of May with the rededication activities for the Atlanta Temple. Our stake was assigned to work the last day of the open house. We waited for Mychel to come home so we could all go through the open house together. It was a day I will always treasure.

     After months of practice it was finally time for the cultural celebration the night before the re-dedication. After practicing for hours the day before and another long hot Georgia day of practicing, waiting and finally performing the day of....Will summed up the experience when he said, "I wish we could practice for just one more day!" The blessing of having all of the youth together was immeasurable and then add the opportunity to perform for the prophet. Will took the above picture with his iPod touch....he was that close!

Tornados had ripped through the south just before the re-dedication affecting many in our temple district. Just a day after the dedication we got word that we were needed go to the rescue and help in affected areas. It would be over Mother's day weekend. After having the spirit and blessings poured out so abundantly of course the answer was a quick and resounding YES! The devastation was unimaginable.

Then we had an end of the year band concert....

and a Court of Honor where I became the mom of two life scouts!

Then the arrival of  The Coates twins.

And that was all just the month of May....I didn't even mention the weekly knife making classes and track.

Then the boys first EFY, Youth Conference and LDS/BSA encampment kept us on the go this summer.


Before we knew it summer was over and school was starting. I'm so grateful they had a summer full of experiences that helped them put on their spiritual armor in preparation for HIGH SCHOOL! Holy cow...ready or it comes!