Friday, September 18, 2009

This question matters

As I was studying my scriptures this morning with a heart and mind full of "life" I was reminded of a life changing lesson I learned just over 5 years ago.

As I struggled with the joy and demands of being the mom to a recovering only child and 3 toddlers, I prayed constantly for help and guidance. Over and over the simple answer came, "Love them" or specifically "love so and so." After Nathan died all I could think about was, "Did/does he know how much I love him?" It was the constant cry of my heart and soul. I was so grateful that over and over through his short time with us as I came to my Heavenly Father with my list of me potty train them, why won't they sleep, help Mychel adjust, and on and on the answer was what he knew I/we would need more than anything else.

So, I today I'm asking: Do those most dear and precious to me know I love them? Really, what else matters?

Monday, September 7, 2009

God's Plan....Matters!

Many, many years Heavenly Father gave me a priceless gift at at Creative Memories Convention...a friend I still cherish today. We have only seen each other a handful of times and years have gone by without contact, but that affect our friendship. She sent me a video of her daughter (how she can be a senior in college is beyond me...) singing a song she wrote. It spoke to my heart....I hope you can "hear" it too.

I'll paste the words below, but you can also find them by going to YouTube and clicking more info. Also, I know Bonnie would love to hear your thoughts on her song so pop on over to YouTube for that too :D

Bonnie Leigh Abt performs a song that she wrote in July 2009

Plane arrives in a foreign land
he shields his eyes from the swirling sand
what a strange and beautiful grand plan.
Twenty years had come to pass when
he heard the calling on his life
he waved goodbye to his mom and dad
as he boarded that plane, trying to explain

I know it isn't what you saw when you
told me that I could chase my dreams but
my God was never one to stand by passively

At thirty-one she lives alone
a single bed is all she's ever known
if you asked she'd tell you she prefers it this way
"How do you handle all those lonely nights?"
her good friend wonders over the phone
she paused and thought of all the ways
God used her for His gain, and tried to explain


Life is not a story you could easily have guessed
so don't turn that page, He's not finished with you yet

No words can dry a mother's tears as she
sees her son dying on that cross
she longs to comfort him and hold him in her arms
"I remember every time you bled when you
scraped your knees or bumped your head,
what would I give to take you down
and wash away these stains",
but her son simply explained

So hold on for just a little bit longer
and one day this whole world will see that
our God was never one to stand by passively
soon we'll see, soon we'll see