Friday, March 4, 2011

Teenagers...the source of insanity

Let me set the scene. 
It's  about 4:15 pm on a beautiful,  almost spring in the south, afternoon.
My M-F  3 yr old side kick is riding his tricycle up and down our sidewalk. 
I'm sitting on the front porch watching him.
Fourteen yr old has just exited the school bus and is walking up the drive. 
He says and I quote:
"Don't tell me you're really sitting outside."
I reply in my oh so kind motherly voice:
"Cully wanted to ride his bike, so of course I'm out here with him."
Then he says...are you ready for this:
"You could have said that."

Is it any wonder parents of teenagers are all a little crazy?
Please tell me it's not just us!