Monday, May 9, 2011

In March the date for the rededication of the Atlanta Temple and cultural celebration was announced and the craziness began. It goes without saying we were thrilled. It's been nearly two years, about a year longer than they originally estimated, not to mention the opportunity for our boys and the youth of all the stakes in our temple district. At times we wondered how we get everything done we needed to, how everything would come together, how we could afford all the travel and accompanying expenses.
 Then add:
 Stake scouting training I was in charge of putting together
  Zac and his track practices and meets,
 fund raising for boy scout camp, 
Gary still working out of town, 
attending a different unit in the stake each Sunday as part of my stake calling, 
Gary helping with BSA training,
a baby shower to put on for two dear friends
RS dutch oven evening activity at our home
Gary getting an terrible bacterial infection that put him down for over a was BAD!
supporting the boys with their egg and yard businesses
all while working around weekly practices as well as stake practices for the cultural celebration
training for working the openhouse
oh and making the costumes...

I admit it was hard, at time, to keep perspective. I began to only focus on the next event. That was a blessing when we found out we have roots that have compromised a pipe in the slab under our house (oh and also the main pipe leading to the septic tank, out back.) When the plumber hands you an estimate with that many digits it pretty much sends you into shock! I had to make a choice to let the news overshadow all the joy and excitement or make the choice to schedule my breakdown until after the temple dedication.

I know our sacrifices and trial are nothing compared to the pioneers but it has tested our faith, our strength and our focus and given us the opportunity to see the Lord's hand in our lives, draw closer together and put the Lord first!