Monday, October 31, 2011

I want my missing muffin!

I love when I use a coupon on a sale makes my day. What does not make my day is when I discover sneaky manufacturers trying to deceive/trick their customers.  So after getting a great deal, I was excited to try this new muffin mix until I read down to the yield!

11....11...seriously 11 muffins? 
Did they start making muffin pans with 11 cups?
Are we changing the number in a dozen?
Did they really think we wouldn't notice?
I want my missing muffin!
Needless to say we will no longer be buying this matter the sale and/or coupon!


Barnett Family said...

I have that same mix before! Cheap!

sarah baldwin said...

well, that is too funny!! at least you can get 24 mini muffins? or did it say 23... xoxo