Friday, February 5, 2010

I got nothin'...

Over the past week or so
I've come to our family blog
and stared.
I want to update.
I have time to update.
I have nothing to say.
I blame it on the death of my iPhone.
I could say I'm in mourning.
I could say I'm totally annoyed and frustrated.
The truth is I'm lonely.
We'd become friends.
"i" was always there for me with weather updates,
TMZ updates,
dings when I had mail,
beeps to alert me of a text,
my calendar for my ohhh so busy life and highly in demand time (irony alert)
fox news, usa today news, deseret news,
oh the apps I've's devastating.
Now all I got is laundry, dishes, and life...
dang it!
Impersonal interactions...I miss you!


Emily said...

what happened to your phone?

Ellie said...

dearest mother,

i still love you!

your daughter

Gary and Shelice Murphy said...

Water and iPhones don't mix...

Shillig 1 said...

I just got my iPhone last week as a late V-day/early Easter Mothers day gift. I can tell you I would already be devastated if "I" was so cruelly taken away from me. How are you coping? :)