Saturday, February 6, 2010

Счастливый 14-ый день рождения Натан

Happy 14th Birthday Nathan!We Miss You!!!


Genevieve Jones said...

I can read it! But that's about it... haha :) When I first saw it I was confused, I thought - she wrote in Mongolian?? and then it's not Mongolian, but I could read it..

I've always wondered.. Do you know Russian? Do your boys remember any? LOVE YOU!! *HUG*

Emily said...

love you. and him.

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Nathan! You were the kindest boy in Primary so many years ago. So many people look forward to catching up with you! Maybe, just maybe, you have blogger in heaven.

debi9kids said...

I had seen a comment on FB, but just wondered what the date was.
I'm so sorry. I imagine every day is a hard day, but the special days...just worse :(
Please know I always think of my friends who have known loss like yours and always say extra prayers for your peace.
Much love.

sarah baldwin said...

love you. cool to see it written in russian. makes me miss russia. boo hoo. ya hatchu.