Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January...let the fun begin

Where to begin...
So far this year I've had a shocking revelation -
This boy
and I have the same size feet!He's 13. I have a confession to make. Since we don't know anything about our boys genetics I used to worry that I could end up with short boys. Please don't hate me. Don't leave me rude comments.
My dad was tall, my brothers are tall...it's my world, ok.
Anyway, Zac's only a shoe size behind so I guess I can check that off my list.

While we're on Zac he finally discontinued the diet he'd had our chickens on...
you know "the teenage boy I don't want to do my chores so I'll just say I gave them food and
water today" diet. Now they have the proper nutrition our chickens have finally come around. Today we got 8 eggs! We're getting there girls... 17 hens, 1 rooster.
It will be a real party when we get a dozen a day. Now if they can just start paying for their feed I'll be a happy mom.

It is really cool to have my boys, relatives, friends etc come in with an egg they've found.
The smiles are priceless. Gary's older brother Billy was the best.


I've been spoiled by Cully. He's sweet, easy, little (as in 2yrs and 23ish pounds), and his parents are the best. Today we entered a new phase...
about 2 and a half hours after he went down for a nap I turned around and found him standing behind me in the kitchen. He's known how to climb out of his pack and play for months, but never done it when he was with me (I told you...spoiled)
I guess all good things must come to an end.


Speaking of Cully...his dad, Stephen was able to come to sacrament meeting Sunday. At last count I think he'd lost 30 pounds since his surgery.
He looks so fragile to me, but he's here and that's all that matters right now. He says he's feeling stronger everyday. He still can't take anything by mouth...can you imagine. We're getting close to a month since he's had anything to eat or drink besides taking some pain meds.
He says he dreams of fruit.


Since I brought food up...our freezer has a fresh supply of deer meat thanks to my super hunter, manly man husband who got a deer this week and processed it himself. Did I mention we're having record lows here?
It was a chilly experience for all involved. I was warm and toasty in the house. I did google, "How to tan a deer hide." so I did my part.I'm not even asking...I just relay the info. (PS this picture makes my heart smile...I hope my dad is smiling from heaven. I know my grandpa Hyde is...he taught Gary how to butcher a dear...many, many years ago. Another generation of hunters!)
Oh, don't even ask about the hat...I have no idea.

So how's 2010 goin' for ya'll so far?


Emily said...

you've had a crazy couple of months...here's to a happy new year! sam saw that last pictire and asked"why would they kill animals?" your boys were meant for you!(and gary on this one!)

Jenna said...

hey, just another mom here who happened to stumble upon your blog..you have a great family and I just had to comment on a great post! There's nothing like being thankful for your loved ones!


sarah baldwin said...

i love it... all of it. except the deer part. blah!! note to self: do not eat meat at shelices house. not a new note. had that one stored away since... well, forever. have you read your january ensign yet? well, since i now GET the ensign, read the one by elder holland. it's a great one for the new year. xoxo s.