Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oh, it just gets better

Let me set the scene:
Mother of the year, takes her two wonderful sons to a cooking class.
Food was delicious and not tooo hard to make
so realistic mother of the year agrees to make food at home.
Hard working father pays for large grocery bill
due to quality ingredients needed for French and Greek food.

First, the loving mother of the year and chef son make Sundried Tomato and Basil Hummus
Verdict: Not as good as the Cooking Goddess'
Humble mother of year calls Cooking Goddess for advice
sons with a death wish won't try improved version

Next, ever so patient mother of year and son who is walking a thin line
make Chicken Fricassee
Chicken is cooking
time to add stock and white wine
yes, I did go to the store and for the first time in my entire life buy wine
that would be a WHOLE 'nother post

So, non-alcoholic mother of the year measures stock and then pulls out bottle of wine
it's not a screw top
scrambling mother of the year instructs side kick son to google
how to open a wine bottle
(ok seriously of all the things I thought I'd never say to one of my children
this has to be at the top of the list)

first cork screw
(attached to cheap can opener)
mother of the year now getting desperate sends pirate son
to hunt for another cork screw...
(we have to have one somewhere don't we?)
cabela's multi
generic multi
last army knife in back of father of the year's night stand...SCORE!
eventually mother of the year and chef son open wine bottle
and continue cooking what had dang well better be the most delicious
and appreciated dinner this year!

family of the year sits down to dinner
verdict: Not as good as the Cooking Goddesses
son who deserves to go to bed with no dinner says
"It must be her pans and her plates 'cause she didn't even make the food, the class did."
older and wiser son says
"we just need to wait a month before we cook any of her food"


Pictures by Zac (aka chef, side kick, walker of thin line etc)


Karen McGouirk said...

I am rolling on the floor laughing. We cook with wine and we find that the cheap ole cooking wine next to the vineagar works just fine. Plus the added bonus of not having to explain to the bishop. Now how to properly explain that the Jack Daniels is for Patrick's famous pork chops...


Very funny . . . and can I say I believe I have had this delicious chicken dish. I've never attempted to make it for the same reason - there is no way in heaven it will taste near as good as my friends who made it.

sarah baldwin said...

i have to laugh softly because its the freakin middle of the night and i don't want to wake the children sleeping in my bed. troy will be very impressed you made chicken fricassee. i didn't think it was real until he proved me wrong with a cookbook. how was it? i mean, the one the cooking goddess made? too funny. i love what you are calling each other. you have such a way with words!

The Simon Family said...

LOL! Shelice, you crack me up! Happy to find your blog! We have a private blog at e-mail me & i'll set you up! simon dot clan @ :)

Chrystina said...

OMW!! How funny! We are too alike Shelice! This is similar to some of my cooking exploits! You rock for attempting it and taking the boys to try something new together! Mothers of the year don't necessarily make it all perfect, but they try to better their homes, and in the end that is what is important!

amy said...

Sheilce! You are hilarious. I miss you already too! I didn't know you had a blog...glad you found us, keep in touch!

stampingprincess said...

This was too funny and when i read it i could picture it in my mind. I love coming to your blog and checking out your new adventure! LOL!

Lisa Bham said...

Still Laughing...

Heather of the EO said...

You're a funny lady :)

Thank you for coming by and commenting on my post for Tuesday and her family. I'm so sorry for your loss. Those two pictures on your sidebar speak volumes, I was so moved and honored to have "met" your family. Thank you.

Peace to you,

Starbuck Family said...

I can totally picture this happening. So funny! My attempts after our cooking class are about the same...mmm, not as good as Cooking Goddess!

The Harper Family said...

I absolutely love it!!!!

I had to read it out loud to Ian!!

Love it.

Nominated your blog for an award. Go see mine to find out!

Grandma H said...

You are just as funny and cute as you have always been. Thank you for making us laugh all these years.
Love Uncle Dee

The Wiese Family said...

Oh Shelice! You're wonderful! Because of all the 18th century cooking I do, the house is always full of things like wine, brandy..... I keep hoping I can find some other way to get the flavor, but "flavorings" really don't taste the same, and it wouldn't be historically accurate. Dilemmas! LOL I just love you!!!

About Us said...

You are too funny! This was so fun to read. Look at you, creating and all. You are inspirational (even if the dinner did not win a blue ribbon).

Funny girl!