Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Real Me

So, this sweet sister emailed me a request for me to answer 5 questions for the getting to know you section of our Relief Society newsletter. I dutifully complied. Imagine my surprise when a sweetened and sanitized version was printed. I believe in being honest, true that spirit I share my original answers:

Where are you from?
I grew up in Centerville, UT and then Linwood, NJ

What are your talents and interests, or what things do you enjoy?
Spending time with my family, Sleeping, Reading, Scrapbooking, that order

What do you di
Garlic, Cantaloupe, being awakened unecessarily, scary movies (also wanted to say, but didn't dare, people who aren't prepared and waste my time)

Your skills,training, education:
I have a BA in education and a minor in psychology. I can read and watch TV at the same time. I'm better at Tetris on facebook than my daugther Mychel-Anne (she's a freshman in college). I can make bread, jam and a cake for scratch but I choose not to. I'm currently learning how to use itunes.

What callings do you have and/or have you had in the past?
Years in primary, young women's, sunday school and every so often Heavenly Father lets me be a Relief Society teacher. Current serving in my most shocking and awesome calling ever: Primary Chorister. Who knew it gives you rock star status in the children's eyes....a definite bonus.


Chrystina said...

How funny! I like your original answers! Be the "real" Shelice!

Ellie said...

I want to see what was published for everyone! I miss you guys!

Natasha Wing said...

I know it is totally out of subject,:) but I finally bought Mama Mia DVD and we totally thought of you when we were watching it. I loved it. Any time you want to watch it again, you should come over or... fly over:) oops

About Us said...

In response to your comment---
please don't be mortally wounded. I can't handle the pressure. Word is you make a lot of fun and funky things. Show off and I promise you a goody. (look at the handmadehodgepodge site).

ps- I love your sisters( and never mind that my name is About Us- I need to change it).

BoufMom9 said...

Great to get to know some pretty personal things about you :)

Heather theGREAT said...

hahah sorry! i loved your answers. i wanted to actually quote you on some parts, but i had to keep that thing short! sis elton gave me some great answers too for this month's letter. i wish i had more room for you guys :/