Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Reminder That Matters

My uncle forwarded this to me and it really touched me in a powerful way...especially when I thought of my children and the children in my life and Who they are!


Ellie said...

I'm always back and forth about sleepovers so I'm not help there. I LOVE the Napping House...currently my brain is quoting the text as I type..hmmm think I can get my boys to cuddle up while I read it to them?

UH...what are you talking about? Riley slept over all the time and the boys were at the frasers and ian and will came over. You are so not back and forth...

Gary and Shelice Murphy said... about out of context! You're killin' me! But since you brought it up: how many people slept over or places did you sleep over besides those we knew really, really, really well? Wouldn't you say the Fraser's are more family than friends?

Now I want an inspiring quote my inspiring post!!!!

Ellie said...

uh and lara!

Grandma H said...

How about sending me the picture that you mentioned on Amys blog.
Uncle Dee