Monday, September 22, 2008

Everyone needs their own Cooking Goddess, but...

you can't have mine. I'm not sharing, so don't even ask! I've been working on this post for awhile and I'm posting it now because she could use your prayers. She's been in the hospital...imagine her torture...sick and having do deal with hospital FOOD! Anyway, I hope it makes you chuckle and remember to send a little love and healing her way. (Note to Cooking may want to either skip this post or have a paper bag handy for any hyperventilation that may occur)

She has changed my life in the following ways:
  1. I no longer put my knives in the dishwasher (usually)
  2. My boys willing help with the cooking and prep work including chopping and cutting (they cut a mean green pepper...safely and properly)
  3. I'm in stirring therapy and re-eduation
  4. Occasionally, I now break one or two of my cooking rules .
  5. I can make a Rue and I'm looking forward to making gravy at Thanksgiving
  6. I want a digital meat thermometer and I know how to use it
  7. My picky, picky daughter has eaten all sorts of new foods and LOVED them
  8. I wash off the tops of cans before I open them....more often that I used too...don't even ask...
  9. I plan my menus a week or two in advance using what's on sale
  10. I look forward to dinner time
  11. I allow other people to cook with garlic in my kitchen, sometimes.
  12. We now have kosher salt and sea salt. We're using up our regular salt and will not buy it ever, ever again!
  13. I've kept a basil plant alive longer than two months and I'm using it. Oh, I love the smell of fresh basil...hmmm I'm gonna go get a fix right now.
  14. Cooking is fun!!!
  15. If we can keep up the current learning boys should be doing all the cooking by the time they turn 14....need I say more?


Ellie said...

I do eat foods I have never had before, and LIKE them. I love you guys and miss you tons!


Keep the ABBA music playing!! Love it. I also love this list and want you to explain #8, 12, and 13. I didn't know I was suppose to wash cans, use only a certain kind of salt, and need help keeping Basil longer. E-mail if you want:

ilana (Helen) Pengelly said...

I hope your Goddess recovers well. I assume she is a well rounded Goddess and so when she does she will give you the Kindergarten lecture on ShArInG!!! (insert smiley emoticon here if you know how which I don't)