Saturday, August 23, 2008

I love the person that invented the CrockPot!

Ok, so this post is kind of random, but since we still have two birthdays to go this month I thought I'd break up the celebrating by sharing my favorite CrockPot recipe and cooking blog! If you haven't been to A Year of CrookPotting...go! Go, as soon as you finish reading this post, of course.

When it come to making dinner I have rules (shh don't tell the Cooking Goddess. I don't want her to give up on me or lose my privileges...more on that later)
One: Quick prep
Two: Use the least amount of bowls, dishes, pans etc as possible
Three: Healthy, inexpensive and easy
Four: One dish meals rock!
Five: If I make it everyone tries it! Then you get to vote if we have it again.

The other night I made Stephanie's Creamy Corn and Spinach Enchiladas CrockPot Recipe. You must know I've never made enchiladas in my life and really probably never would have because they seemed like too much work and would require multiple side dishes. Then I saw Stephanie's recipe and it included two veggies. So I thought what the heck...can I just say, "Oh, my Yum!" I did make a slight variation that worked out great. I realized after I had the enchiladas all rolled and in the pot that I'd bought "hot" sauce ( I don't do hot) so I vented the lid with a toothpick and turned it on the slowest setting ( 8 hours, maybe) while I ran errands. About two hours later which was also about half an hour before I wanted to serve dinner, I got home and mixed the enchiladas sauce, sour cream poured it over the enchiladas and then topped with cheese. They stayed together perfectly. I also used flour tortillas for half and low carb tortillas for the other half (her recipes are gluten free so she used corn.) The flour wouldn't have lasted much longer, but the low carb ones had plenty of holding power left.

Let me know if you make this or something else's nice to share and COMMENT ;D (hint, hint...with Mychel-Anne deserting me I need interaction)


lapierrefamily said...

i LOVE her website and i have the recipe bookmarked to try i am glad it came out good i will have to try it soon. I have tried her bacon chicken recipe and it was good as well.


We use our crockpot each Sunday from fall through spring. Simple, but still Sunday dinner worthy.

I KNOW you would have driven me to the hospital - you are so sweet. Thank you!

familyRus...4ever said...

You are so right~ CROCKPOTS rock! I have some recipes I will send to you whenever we get to Germany and we unpack! Provided, we get to go!

KatrinkaJane said...

Got here from your comment on the crockpot365 blog. I <3 it, too! Our standards for recipes appear to be VERY similar. :D We're doing this recipe tomorrow night, so fingers crossed!