Saturday, August 2, 2008

What REALLY least according to Zac!

For nearly two years we planned this great last big family vacation before our angel daughter heads off to college. Two weeks together....beach, Philly, family....we're all looking forward to it. Kids count down our departure. We spend 3 days in Philly, do all the historical stuff, tour the city, get to see where grandparents and great grandparents lived. We spend a week at the beach with family we only get to see every other year, lots of cousins, boardwalk full of yummy food, rides etc. Spend three days with grandparent the boys adore. We go to Lancaster and see the Amish. Again, lots of yummy food. Boys were fascinated with their way of life. We stop and talk to an Amish farmer. He invites them in to see the barn and them milking cows. There's a big family party for Gary's mom. They all have a great time. Don't want to come home. We'd been home a few days when a family friend asks Zac how the vacation was...on a scale of 1-10. He gave it a 7! I used all my strength, self control and fear of prision to show him what I thought of this rating or burst out with a "Are you freakin' kiddin' ME! 7!"

Jump to last night. We have a yard full of brown shirted aliens...scout campout! Mind you it's beyond hot and humid here. No one in their right mind leaves the ac for long. It started at 1pm, but 1:15 everyone looked like they'd just gotten out of a pool...a stinky, gross pool, but dripping and drenched. They hike around, catch more bugs than I want to ever know about...all of which are currently residing in my freezer....scoutmaster's bright idea....something about insuring their dead, not just hibernating....ok that works for me, but I'm not going near that big white bug coffin. After dinner Gary made them a yummy dutch oven oatmeal cake etc, etc. About 9pm Zac pops inside for something and I on a scale of 1-10 how this? 8! He give it an dag gum 8!

I spent about $10 on food and didn't have to leave time they mention going on vacation I'm gonna go buy some marshmallows and call the scoutmaster.

ps You may have noticed the lack of pictures. I sent the camera out with dear husband...who I'm going to refer to from now on as BB. Did BB take even one picture....stinker!


Emily said...

oh that stinker boy! i'm sure your vacation was the best!

Transitional Farr's said...

I Love your posts. They have such a great Shelice style. John and I have always loved yours and Gary's spunk, we looked into Med school and Residency out there, just for a chance to get to live by you.
Thanks for finding our blog and looking in on us. Things have been crazy around here,(as you've seen) but I promise to be better about commenting in the future. Love yA!

The Harper Family said...

Aren't boys the best?!

Emily said...

Man, your blog was all jacked up for a couple of days! Glad its back. I do a lot of my photo editing and and collages on Picasa. But I just need my big sister to come and help me with my new......MAC!!!
I love picasa but I should be able to do all of that on iphoto right? maybe not, Picasa is nice because when you load it it automatically pulls all of your photos that you have on your computer and organizes them accoding to date. and its free.

familyRus...4ever said...

He's a man! But it sounds as if the reunion was a blast! Miss ya'll! Glad for the blog-connection!

BoufMom9 said...

Just like a boy! Sheesh!
I was so glad you did come, even if I only saw you for a fleeting moment. It was sureal....


Way too funny! All I can say is "Amen to that!"

Marie said...

I think that we all as parents and grandparents forget what it was like to just play at home or do simple things.

When our grandchildren come to visit we are always planning something - but they don't want to do something else- they want to be at our house doing simple things that seem mundane to us- but to them it is an adventure!

Last time Emily, my granddaughter was here she told me on Sunday (we were going to church, out for a picnic and then take her home) that she did not like this day because " I don't have enough time to play at your house"!

Love your blog! and can't wait to come back and keep up with your family!

Also I love the family picture and I know Nathan is right there with ya'll!