Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tag. I'm it

10 random things about me because Christina asked.

  • 10. I love liver and onions w/bacon, especially when my mom makes it. My heart smiles every time Zac proudly announces he and I are the only ones in the family who like liver and onions.
  • 9. I'm not anything like the grownup I thought I'd be. Really, not even close.
  • 8. I'd rather read that do most anything else, but I hate to buy books. I don't read books twice, almost never. Same with movies (the buying and twice part)
  • 7. The older I get the less I like being alone for very long...go ahead Em, laugh, laugh out loud, make the call, gloat ;D
  • 6. Naps are my talent
  • 5. One of the worst days of the year for me is the first day of school. The last day of school is one of the best.
  • 4. Double stuff Oreos are sooo much better than regular
  • 3. shhh don't tell anyone and jinx it, but my boys will still cuddle with me sometimes
  • 2. I still miss my dad everyday. My favorite compliment was when people told me I looked like him. Now when I see his features in my aging face...not so much...
  • 1. I'm over the top, down right giddy, heart throbbing in love with my husband of over 19 years, even though we still don't have the communication thing figured out quite often. Our last two fights were about Asian salad and the first day of school...go figure.

If you wanna play...consider yourself tagged and then let me know so I can come over and read yours.


Natasha Wing said...

This is so cool that you love liver.:) You should come to Russia then. Here everybody loves liver. They even make cakes with sourcream out of it.

The Harper Family said...


I think you are only the second person I know to actually like liver! LOL!!!

I loved reading about you!

Emily said...

hehehehehehehahahahahahhohohohohohohheheheheehahahahah........ouch it hurts.......hehehehehahah!!!!!

Transitional Farr's said...

You seriously must have a special talent, or my hormones are still crazy...your not supposed to make someone laugh and cry in one post. I still miss your dad too. Whenever I think about him I think how different life would be if he were still dad would still have a hunting, fishing, living life buddy. I know he misses him too.
Love the nap and Oreo comments and the adult thing...okay I loved it all, minus the one to make me cry.
It's a Hyde thing too, not just the hormones.
PS Loved that you compared Brett to your Dad on Haydees blog!

familyRus...4ever said...

Oh how I love you!! Your so cute! I am glad that you are the adult that you are and not who you thought you would be! I love your devotion to your hubby~ the world needs more GOOD examples of what marriage should be!! Asian salad & the 1st day of school, huh? If that's the biggest, ya'll have it figured out a lot better than you think you do! Love it! Thanks for letting us know you a little better!