Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cute Blog Layouts Matter, but Customer Service Matters More!

Facts: I'm new to blogging.
My children have waayy surpassed my computer knowledge and skill.
I want to enjoy my computer and blogs not add them to the list of things that drive me crazy and want to through out the window of a tall building.

So when I went looking for a cute layout for my blog I need easy, fast and of course cute! I found one I liked, uploaded it and loved it except for one thing...the main part was too narrow. I tried messing around with the html and got no where. Since I don't understand a single letter, symbol, space da gum thing about it I figured I quit while I still had a blog and the earth was still spinning on it's axis. For those of you fabulous computer minded people don't look down on me...I graduated from college before anyone really had them. I remember typing one of my last papers before graduation....on an electric typewriter, ok! be patient with your elders. I sent a "help I'm computer/html illiterate" e-mail to the designer not really expecting a reply...Ashley ROCKS! She not only took the time to walk me through enlarging the "brown" part step by step, in case I didn't want to or couldn't figure out editing the html, she wrote me a whole new code I could just cut and paste. I'm proud to brag I was able to edit it myself! I feel soooo smart, which is a rare thing when you have a teenage daughter and preteen sons. No chance of getting a big head with them around. Check out her here.


floydfamily said...

or you could cheat like me and have your daughter update your backgrounds!! I would never do that of course.....LOL!!! Love the blog. I was checking Tara's and found your link and I was thinking about you on the way home.

Emily said...

cute blog! how nice of that girl to fix it for you. i have to have my cute "hyde" neighbor fix mine for me!

the medeiros family said...

Shelice!!! Yay...I'm so glad you found my blog and I've found yours! So fun to be able to keep tabs on each other now. Ok, I must say, I'm impressed that you learned some new html stuff...I'm way behind in computer land, too. And, don't feel too bad...I got a typewriter for my HS graduation. I'm old, too! :)

familyRus...4ever said...

Good for you figuring it out! I just kept pressing buttons until I found one that did something.