Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cycling Matters...really fitness matters!

Well another Tour de France has come to a close. Way to go Carlos Sastre and team CSC, what a great tour for ya'll. Our family really started watching when Lance was on his roll. We still do not understand all the ins and outs of cycling. What we do understand is how tough, grueling, demanding, man, where do I stop, not to mention how incredible these riders are, physically tough, mentally tough, and that diet. Just to compete at that level, climbing up the Alps and then the descents at speeds that are just insane. Have I mentioned the scenery of France and Italy from this years tour, it's just beautiful. What I don't understand is the drug scandals and why certain teams can ride and why some cannot. Like Levi Leipheimer, from team Astana, from what I understand, they were not allowed to compete because of what happened in the past with their team and some of those team members doping. There's a new coach Johan Bruyneel, who coached Lance, new team members, it just does not make sense to a weekend warrior. All in all, we enjoy watching cycling, one of our favorite riders is George Hincappie, seems like a classy guy, humble, and true competitor. Viva la Tour! Gary



Hey Shelice - you have to add me to your blog list. We have caught the blog bug and hope you'll find it amusing to keep updated on our family.

Sorry it didn't work out to meet in NYC. Did you get there? Barry and Spence came home that day from scout camp and Spence went right to bed with an injury. More on that some other day.


Hydes said...

It was so fun to hear from you today. Your family is darling and I love reading about what you are all up to. Have a great day!!!

KevDebKlan said...

Hoy cow how long has it been!!! I am so glad you commented on my blog so that I can now have yours. How are you guys? Wow I can't believe how grown up your kids are and Michael in college! That is crazy. Tell everyone hello from us and keep in touch.