Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm your mother, not your....

The all knowing, guru and guide BlAck BoX took me to a rocking blog where she had a great post and invitation to make our own list and join in the fun. So here's mine...if you make one let me know so I can come read yours.

For my two sons...
I'm your mother not your pro wrestling partner
I'm your mother not your lawyer, policeman, judge....parole officer
I'm your mother not your waitress, short order cook or bus boy
I'm your mother not your garbage man, pest control person or maid
I'm your mother I'll gladly be your sounding board, chef, librarian, advocate, biggest fan, memory maker, record keeper, bank (at least for a little while longer), teacher, and safe place.

For my daughter...
I'm your mother....please still need me or at least act like you do ;D

and for the other man in my life aka BB.....
I'm Not your mother....I'm your wife
I'm Not your secretary...I'm your wife
I'm Not your detective....I'm your wife
I'm Not a mind reader...I'm your wife
when needed I will try to be whatever you need since you are my everything!


Ellie said...

I do need you and I just wish you would do things for me when you say you will(ahem). but i digress.. You should tell tip junkie about the pumpkins-and put them up!

BoufMom9 said...

Just great! I may need to "steal" a snippet and repost (giving you credit, of course)

Fred said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving the comment about Hurricane Andrew. Looking at all you posts, we both share the same passion about our families.

The BB is working some interesting magic!

Fred said...

Oops...change you to your up there.

KevDebKlan said...

Super cute post. I think I related a little to much. The things we do for our kids!! But then again I can't think of what we wouldn't do. Hope you are all good. How college going?