Thursday, November 20, 2008

a painful farewell

I'm in mouring.
i had to let a new friend go.

iT pains me
I'm having Withdrawals

the worst part is...I was duped

so that none of you experience the same TramA i'll share the depressig details

Last January Gary and I gave up all soda.
it wasn't as hard as I expected, except for the ice.
I lOVe good KnoW what I mean
sonic, sams, zaxby's

i adjusted..most places have lemonade, but sometimes I need a change.

then, sOnic introduced 1/2 pRice hAppY hr...oH, haPpy Day!
Cranberry slush
real fruit slushes was gOOd!!!

....until yesterday....
when I made a necessary but tragic discovery on the SoNic website
a rt 44 cranberry slush has 616 calories (I could live with that occassionally) and
166 carbs!
You've got to be freakin' kiddin' me....

are they out of their minds!

just for comparison
a rt 44 coke has 371 calories and 101 carbs
a large tropical smoothie has 593 calories 146 carbs
a large chocolate malt has 844 calories and 144 carbs

there is no justice in this world.
I've switched over to dark chocolate
given up soda
don't keep chips, cookies, related junk in the house
don't eat fast food
and they've taken away my last drive thru bright spot

....I can't talk about this anymore's just too painful



lapierrefamily said...

soo sad! I hate when we realize our favorite treats our the worst things for us and its even worse when we think we are being good or healthier and we end up eating (drinking) something that is worse! I feel like I always make theworse choice when trying to be good!

Emily said...

when i gave up diet coke(the first time, i'm back on it) i felt like my best friend had moved away and i didn't even get to say goodbye. i feel ya.

Gary and Shelice Murphy said...

to add to my pain I recently read about a study confirming the ability of cranberry juice to interrupt bacteria's ability to attach making it truly a woman's best friend (uti)...the catch is it's short term so cranberry juice should be a regular part of every woman's diet...and it doesn't matter if there's sugar in it or not...still just as affective. So for a $1 and pennies I was in...I should start a group of facebook (everyone else seems to be) demanding sonic make a low carb slush!!!! Yes, I'm pouting, whinning and may even stomp my feet at some point. So there (cue door slam)

BoufMom9 said...

Oh no! That is so annoying when that happens!
We gave up all soda as well and now I basically drink coffee, tea, water or milk. Boy, though, I miss soad and juice SO much!


I love the way you chronicled this saga. You are so funny! When can we expect new an "after" picture of you???

Ellie said...

MOM!!! You make me so embarrassed sometimes!

Adam and Aubrey Linn said...

You are so funny! You know how many times I've given up Diet Coke??? I can't ever stick to I'm so impressed! I'll keep my fingers crossed for the low carb slush for you!

Transitional Farr's said...

I love your awesome contagious personality. Wish we got to see ya more! I'd slip you one of the slushes!

kt said...

There is no justice with food! Bennett and I loved Bacon cheddar wedges from a steak shop we went to all the time, until, we foudn out they had 1200 calories. And that was not counting the yummy ranch we had on the side. Oh and then you have to actually figure in the sandwich and the drink. Uhhh.

Chrystina said...

OMW!!! I agree~ What ARE they thinking?! That many carbs? Have you looked up any alternative recipes? Might find something good! A lot better than that one fore sure! I'll be on the loko out and email ya anything I may find!