Tuesday, November 11, 2008


My new motto is...you can't fight 'em so find the humor and share it!

Early this morning Will had to have an upper g. i.

It wasn't too bad but he didn't enjoy
the two glasses of barium
or "pop rock stuff".

We were driving home, his stomach killing him, telling us about
how "gross" (read cool) it was to see the inside of him and how weird it was/is to feel it moving through him.

Zac said something about farting.
To which Will replied: "I can't fart."
Yup, I fell for it...
"Why?", I ask
....wait for it....

"'cause I got junk in my trunk."

boys...ya just never know what's gonna come out.
(I so had to say it...forgive me)


Emily said...

why did he have to have that! they kill me by the way!

Ellie said...

that's my brothers! i just love'em!

The Wiese Family said...

I just love your family! Thanks for the laugh! (And I hope everything came out all right after the tests! *grin*)

Transitional Farr's said...

What cute boys! Gotta Love those moments!

Chrystina said...

OMW! I love your boys! How stinking cute!! What a moment! I would have crashed laughing so hard. I am having problems now just sitting at the computer typing this comment! Love it! Is everything okay?! Good Luck and may God bless you all!!