Friday, January 7, 2011

Pink Miracle

and I don't even like pink,
but my daughter does.

We moved her stuff out of her big room 
and into her little brother's small room.

It's traumatic to lose your "place" in your home
but she was pretty good about it
One request was to paint it pink and brown.
We only had time to paint a shelf pink.
And the pink paint we had was this:
From another pink painting adventure a few years ago.

Now she wanted a light, more mature pink.
She couldn't find her paint chip to show me the color 
So I just started mixing.
And I came up with this:
After we were done she found the chip
Not bad, huh!
I know it's not earth shattering or life changing, 
but it made a difference to us.
 Some may say it's just luck, but I know better.
I believe it's vital to acknowledge the tiny miracles, so
Thank you Heavenly Father 
  for our pink miracle.

(ps these pictures brought to you by my Christmas present from my adorable husband and angel daughter..he bought it, but she found it for him to buy)


Genevieve Jones said...

It's hard to see the lighter pink color - but the pictures of husband and daughter are AWESOME! :) And yay for pink miracle!

FarrEver Family said...

I love those last two pictures. What a good looking man! and I love Michael Anne's smile!
You just are amazing to me. Loe you cuz!