Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our Christmas Letter-just in case...

Murphy’s Top 10 for 2010

1. Teaching the boys the value of a dollar by raising chickens and selling their eggs. If they don’t watch it we’ll start bagging chickenure and sell it too……

2. The miracle and blessing of modern medicine…last year at this time we were concerned a dear friend would never be whole again (he had the whipple procedure, as seen on Grey’s Anatomy, and a fistula, also as seen on Grey’s Anatomy) and this year we are celebrating the news they are having twins!

3. We all appreciate Mychel’s new camera and her talents in using it. She was especially generous by being our family photographer while we were in Utah for almost a month.

4. Spring break in FL with the Clarks, wave runners, concerts on the beach, delicious food, grilling at sunset overlooking the bay, great friends.

5. Labor Day was awesome because we got to have Mychel home for a 4 day visit. It was a last minute bonus and that made it all the more fun.

6. Gary, Will and Zac attend Boy Scout summer camp and had a great time. Gary did some training while the boys earned merit badges. Will and Zac earned their star rank and Gary began his Wood Badge journey. Shelice enjoyed some quiet weekends alones (only downside was having to take care of all animals herself 1 dog, 1 cat, 26 chickens.)

7. Summer in Utah visiting family and celebrating the 4th of July with them, attending the temple, Nephi Pageant, time with friends, a quick trip to Rexburg and wonderful week at Bear Lake. Bear Lake included; wake boarding, tubing, chocolate covered raspberries, shakes and time with family.

8. Mychel sang an a capella solo of If the Savior Stood Beside Me at a LDSBC devotional and thanks to her new iPhone we got to hear it. Then she sang at a CES fireside, broadcast to the whole world, and thanks to the internet we got to see and hear her.

9. Gary’s still employed and now also has full time volunteer job…Scoutmaster extraordinaire. He loves BSA so much he found a way to get Shelice involved too. She’s a Unit Commissioner.

10. Amazing, generous, patient, thoughtful friends and family who enrich our lives and make us better people. We love you all dearly!  Yes, we mean you……..I know.


Genevieve Jones said...

I love you, oh so much! :)

~Jennifer Garrett

Lisa said...

Shelice... so fun to get caught up a bit and see how you are doing. We miss you and your family. Can't believe your boys are old enough for stake dances! So fun. Sounds like a wonderful year. Wishing you another year ahead. Love Lisa