Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How many places have you lived?

A rockin' friend had this on her blog and I thought, hum...let me count...I'm at 25 (really probably a few more in the early years, but close enough)...How 'bout you?
1. Centerville, UT (born)
2. Las Vegas, NV
3.Salt Lake, UT
4 Salt Lake, UT
5. Centerville, UT (Apt H-8? mom?)
6. Centerville, UT
7. Kaysville, UT
8. Linwood, NJ
9. Bountiful, UT
10. Linwood, NJ
11. St. George, UT
12. Linwood, NJ
13. Glassboro, NJ...Joe's
14. Glassboro, NJ...Flower shop
15. Provo, UT Branbury Apts
16. Provo, UT First place we lived when we got married...it was scary!
17. T Street, SLC, UT Mychel was born here (ok in the hospital close by, but you get what I mean :D
18. U Street, SLC, UT
19. Boca Raton, FL Funeral Director school
20. Mesa, AZ
21. Spanish Fork,UT Upstairs at the mortuary
22. Spanish Fork,UT Downstairs at the mortuary
23 Spanish Fork,UT The boys came home to here!
24. Columbus, GA
25. Midland, GA HERE we are!

ps Gary's is much shorter....from what I remember
3 places in Pennsylvania
With summers either at this really cool campground or at the beach...yah life was hard :D
Somers Point, NJ
Glassboro, NJ
and then we connect in Provo, UT
....so he's at about 15


Emily said...

what the heck, why didn't you give me any pointers on moving. ok here it goes....
i'm lame.and addicted to davis county.

Gary and Shelice Murphy said...

Don't you remember I threatened to develop a cardboard allergy somewhere around the mesa/spanish fork era...

sarah baldwin said...

as for me... mine is a bit more exotic. yea me!
salt lake
salt lake
ok, so i have one exotic place on there. i need to move!!

The Cornejos said...

I'm close to you Shelice. Here's my list:
1. Las Vegas
2. Linwood
3. Las Vegas
4. Linwood
5. Farmington
6. Provo (on campus)
7. Farmington
8. Provo
9. Farmington
10. Provo
11. Farmington
12. Provo
13. Fruit Heights
14. Salt Lake
15. Fruit Heights
16. Salt Lake
17. NYC
18. Salt Lake
19. Salt Lake
20. Salt Lake
21. Salt Lake
22. Salt Lake john and my apt :)
23. Layton (our home....finally)

wow, looking at my list I just move back and forth a lot.

the medeiros family said...

Holy cow, Shelice...I had no idea you had lived soo many places! My list is pretty short. Loved everywhere I've lived.
Fun to see what you are growing in your garden. It's frustrating when the yield is so small. Funny you mentioned the peas...I just ate some from garden 10 min ago! We got about 5 strawberries...2 were eaten by birds and the others I had to fight off the ants. We got about 5 cherries...only got to eat 2 before birds got them. Basil, cilantro and tomatoes are my favs!