Monday, May 25, 2009

Murphy, Murphy How Does Your Garden Grow?

I know this has been a burning question for all of you loyal Murphy Matter's let me update you. So far we're winning the weed war, but we're not getting cocky...the real battles are yet to come.

Here are the stats:
Pea's...enough for daily snacks and some reward for the labor. More than we've ever gotten
before so we're feeling pretty good. Will definitely plant a fall crop.
Onions...small but yummy. Definitely need to research and see why we grew mini onions
Caulifower...bust...nothing, nyet, nada
Broccoli...finally see some mini, mini heads
Red Potatoes... dug up a few plants that died early and got some tiny, yummy nuggets. Mature plants starting to bloom..we're getting excited. surprise...didn't know we had it...if we can keep the boys from digging it up to look
at it we may actually get a years supply from it.
Red and Yellow peppers: tiny peppers starting to grow but the ants have eaten if their sting isn't bad enough now we have to fight them for our food...$&^% red ants!
Blueberries...our one year in and year out success are lookin' good...about 3 more weeks! We can hardly wait.


Starbuck Family said...

You are quite the gardens over at your house. We never have very much luck with ours. It's just too darn hot!!!

sarah baldwin said...

i'm sending you some fruit and vegetable wash because you will be grossed out when you see what your broccoli attracts... i don't think i'll grow broccoli again. it walked away! too many bugs. but this wash will do the trick! anyway, i'm proud of you guys!