Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Family Matters

So, I've decided a few things.
1. I'm not getting old
2. I'm not getting old
3. I'm not getting old

It's been a crazy summer, almost nothing has gone as planned, but you might as well enjoy the journey. Here's a peek at what we've been up to...

The boys got to visit their grandparents and spend a couple of days in DC!
Murphy's farm as added chickens to our least we'll eat well!

We celebrated our country and it's freedoms...Thank you to all our military!!!

Gary's 25th year high school class reunion

Dad livened up the party with a 911 call, ride in the ambulance and stay in the hospital

Because he also has shingles...I know...if it's not one thing it's another...we had to dress up!

At least we got some fun photos from it!


Emily said...

wow, busy, fun, not so fun summer! how is garys dad doing now?
love ya!

sarah baldwin said...

glad to finally see some picts of you all. keep us updated on bill and give our love to everyone. tanner asks at least once a week "when are we going to see sheecee?" i miss you and hope you are all thriving. you guys ready to ship mychel back yet? we're ready for her!!

xoxo the baldwins

Barnett Family said...

at least you can't say summer has been boring
Up date us on Gary's dad

love you allreple