Saturday, February 18, 2012

Paint on!

So, over a year ago we shuffled rooms and Zac got to move into Mychel's big room. He's thrilled. He's easy going. He's patient. It's purple! We've promised to paint it soon but life kept happening. Now Mychel's home to prepare for a mission, the stars have aligned...I think, I hope it may become earth tones over the next week. They are currently at home depot getting the primer...we're gonna need a lot!
 They're going to start with the bathroom:
sorry for such a dark picture but they'd turned off the breaker before they left, so no light and I was way to lazy to walk all the way downstairs to turn it back on and then trudge back up just for a picture. Trust me the walls are PURPLE  and you can tell how bright the top border son deserves a medal!
                                                             During and after photos to come!
                                        (If you're lucky maybe even a few more befores with LIGHT!

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