Monday, February 6, 2012

Marvelous Monday!

We are home.
He is recovering.
I can't stop
starring at him, 
rubbing his hair, 
continually saying prayers of gratitude and thanksgiving!

Today, so far he's eaten:
ice cream
homemade turkey soup
bacon (more on that in a minute)
and our 100% outdoors cat has spent a great deal of time curled out on him or near him
Yup, I'm a softie!
If he wasn't so big and it wouldn't kill him
I'd spend the day with him cuddled on my lap.

I left him alone for about an hour this morning..
while I picked up my sweet Coates' twin and ran a few errands
(I only called him once to check on him...)
Dr's for a prescription
Dropped off prescription
Picked up Gary's shirts
Grabbed a few things at the grocery store

After a pretty quiet afternoon some dear friends brought our bacon order 
while I was in the middle of making dinner.
(It arrived Friday and they generously picked it up and stored it for us)
So in the last couple of hours: 
4 pounds: cooked, chopped and frozen
18 pounds: divided into pound or pound and a half packets and frozen
nearly 8 lbs left to process....tomorrow is another day...

Now I think I'll go sit near my cherished, recovering son 
While I think of my beloved son, whose's spending his birthday in heaven, again
and wait for my treasured son to arrive home from golf
as I look forward to my angel daughter coming home tomorrow!
Life is good!

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