Sunday, March 7, 2010

-1=14+15=i think my boys are crazy...

Let me preface this by saying: "My boys are rockin' the egg business. So much so I had to BUY, yes, buy eggs at the store. See, we've reached a point were demand it about to our pace our supply. We started last June with 25 chickens. As of Friday we were down to 15. We're not doing so great on the keepin' them on earth business.


We arrived home from a day in Atlanta and found that one of our chickens had died.

That means we're now down to =14

So Gar called a local feed store and found two weeks old Rhode Island Reds for sale. The boys paid for part of them and we covered the rest.

That means we are now the proud caretakers of 29 chickens. We'll see how long it takes for us to share some with heaven, again.

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Ellie said...

i want pictures!!!