Tuesday, March 17, 2009

This is bad....very bad...

I interrupt my cute St. Patty's post because this just had to be shared. I'm checking email and what do I find but one for my dear, dear husband...at least I think they meant him. My problem is while I think he's awesome and wouldn't trade, sell or barter him for the anything...hmmm, yea I'm pretty sure anything....
I think this is going a little too far:

Dear GARY HERBERT LORD or as I read it:
Lord Gary Herbert (read with british accent)

what am I supposed to do with this...do I tell him someone has promoted him...thinks he's beyond the cat's meow, his true potential has finally been acknowledged? I really don't have the energy for a swelled head right now, but with the status of everything in the world his ego could use a little pumping up. Ahh the dilemma of a loving wife...Advice???

and yes his middle name really is Herbert....after his Uncle Herb....who has moved to Heaven and will hear you if you make fun!

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