Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pay it Forward....

Lucky and Blessed!

I've had a couple of friends join in the pay it forward movement on their could I resist! I can only speak for myself, but the older I get the more aware I am of my blessings. What better way to remind ourselves of your blessings, show gratitude and share the love than to Pay it Forward! So in that spirit...if you want to join:
1. Leave me a comment saying so.
2. Put a similar Pay it Forward post your blog

I will randomly choose at least 3 people who comment to surprise with some kind of fun goody sometime before Easter (other people are taking a year, but I'd forgot if I tried to wait that long)

Finally a few things/people I'm grateful for:
Lisa...that I could "steal" her shamrock and I knew she wouldn't mind
Snow days in GA!
Friends who volunteer to come to a surprise party...and even suggest the idea
Friends who are willing to give hours of their time to help with a power point project
Hot Chocolate
Snuggling under layers of blankets on a cold night
Kleenex with lotion


Lisa Bham said...

Okay, once again I'm totally out of the loop on things. Can you explain the Pay it Forward Thing to me a little more?:)

Gary and Shelice Murphy said...

For anyone who might not's similar to random acts of kindness in action, but the idea is that you never know when all the kind, thoughtful, generous things you do will come back to bless your life or the lives of those you love. There was a book and a movie years ago. The movie is a bit intense and not good for young kids (from what I remember...been awhile and we all know my memory is well...lacking to put in nicely) but the message is extremely powerful.

Chrystina said...

So cool! Don't pick me, pick someone else... but just so you know~ I love this~ so I am stealing it. Hee hee!

Lisa said...

I love that you would steal my shamrock! You are adorable. Can't wait to see that slideshow you worked so hard on. Thanks for being such a great 'rockstar' primary chorister.

Karen said...

Count me in! I will play Pay it Forward!

Shauna said...

Yahoo! Would l♥ve to be a part of this! I posted here:

Shauna said...
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Shauna said...

I just posted this today again on my blog because I l♥ve to pay it forward :) ♥ Hugs!!!