Monday, April 16, 2012

The Song of My Soul

Less than two months after our son was killed we were scheduled to leave for our long awaited romantic honeymoon (15+ years in the making). We'd hoped to do it at our 10 year anniversary, but instead we were in the throws of adopting our sons. We didn't mind postponing it. So we booked our dream trip to Hawaii 6 months out. After August 25th we were left with the choice to cancel and lose everything or go. Our families rallied and convinced us to go. It took every fiber of my strength to leave my children, but I knew I need go...for Gary, for them, for me. While it wasn't the trip we planned. It was peaceful. It was beautiful. It was healing. And we were introduced to Iz. I've always loved the song: Somewhere Over the Rainbow, but listening to his version as we cruised around the island in a convertible brought it to a whole new level. I've also always loved the Shaker hymn, Simple Gifts, but in the last few months it's become my theme song. When I feel overwhelmed or start to let life make me pulls be back. My boys are so sweet and let me hit replay over and over in the car on the MoTab CD on Sundays. So when the Piano Guy's new video popped up on could I resist. I hope it speaks to your soul too!

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