Monday, May 31, 2010

Even in pain we have faith!

Like I said in the previous post we don't always understand the timing. After more than 20 years there are is still huge hole in our hearts. We still wish Heavenly Father's plan for our family could have been different, but we have faith He knows the beginning from the end. We have faith He loves us and knows us better than we know ourselves and each other. We have faith He can use all things for good. We have faith he's there with our angel and they are busy waiting together, for the rest of us!
To all who are remembering those who have gone on ahead of us we send our love. We are so grateful for this country and all those who have preserved our freedoms. All those who have and now fight from God, Freedom and Family we honor and pray for you and your families!


sarah baldwin said...

to this post and the previous... thank you and amen. faith in every footstep. EVERY footstep. love you. s.

Lisa said...

You are wonderful and inspiring. So good to drop by and feel of your great spirit again. Miss your family.