Thursday, December 3, 2009

When needed Heavenly Father will use the phone...

I will admit this last quarter of 2009 has been rough for the Murphy family for a variety of reasons. I've been looking for the blessings...sometimes it was harder than others. I've been practicing an attitude of gratitude. I've been focusing on my haves and not my have nots. Monday, we were "blessed" that Gary was able to have knee surgery and everything went well. It's not fun to spend the holidays recovering, but we have insurance and sick leave so...attitude of gratitude. Really, over all I can't complain and then...Tuesday happened. As I was leaving to take a friend to drop off her car, to have work done, I simply stepped out my front door and BOOM...down goes Fraser! Yup, nasty sprained ankle was my reward. My first thought've got to be kidding me! I have a 3 months old, 2 year old and 43 yr old invalid to take care of during the day...this is NOT an option. Add to that the 2 year old's parents were on their way to Atlanta to find out if the dad's mass on his pancreas is cancer. Really a sprained ankle? I mean REALLY???
After two days of sharing crutches with my patient, head shaking in disbelief, husband I admit to feeling a little sorry for myself. Enough is enough. Then my phone rings. A lady on the other end asks if I teach scrapbooking classes and if I'd be available December 19th to do a workshop. Can you imagine where my mind wasn't pretty...then she goes on to explain she works for the Division of Child and Family Service and she wants me to help about 40 foster kids make life books. To say I was instantly humbled is an understatement. As I sat in my comfy recliner, looking across the hall at my healthy, loving husband, with pictures of my incredible children on the wall in our warm, safe home I was put in my place by a kind and loving Heavenly Father.

Thanks for's just what I needed.

If you need me on the 19th I'll be busy from 10-2.

PS Is a miracle sprain healing too much to ask? As Gary would say, I had to ask ;D


Karen said...

Oh I wish I was there to help you out! When I hurt my ankle, you were there for me so much! Is there anything I can do from five hours away?

Ellie said...

dear mother,

when i last sprained my ankle [running to leave a note for my boss) it was good three days later. when i sprained it big time with that one kid, what's his name? oh that's right CW :), man that took two weeks and tat was an eternity. but then again sometimes it still hurts...meh! but either way guess who will be home in time to help you! that's right your amazing daughter!

love, ellie

sarah baldwin said...

oh sheece... heavenly father does love you! hehe. as of late i've been doing something called "the work" (watch on youtube or at it's cool! and worth watching and trying. i'm also desperate :)) and maybe you could turn this around in a positive light... could you see how you are better off with this happening? no you say. you say no you cannot see how you are better off. hmm. keep looking! hey, at least you have a husband! how about that. did that make you feel better? because it should. know that i love you and wish i could make it better... as much as i wish you could make things better for me. here's a big squeeze. xxxxxxxxxx did you feel it? did you feel me snuggled into you? i felt it! i love you. xoxo sarah. p.s. what kind of help did you need for those foster care books? i didn't really read your e-mail about that. sorry :)

Chrystina said...

Glad Ellie is on her way home!! I can sum it up best by saying~ you are a better woman than I!!! I wish we lived closer I would help with those babies!! How is the pancreas? Forgive me, I can't remember his name right now!! Take care!! Sending prayers out to you!!